1. Alerts

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as warnings of natural disasters sent to your phone through email or text message.

  2. FEMA Articles

    View the FEMA flood information articles that have been published in the Town Newsletters and other helpful flood insurance information.

  3. Trash Pickup

    Progressive Waste Solutions - (727) 572-6800 Mondays and Thursdays - 7 am - 6 pm

  4. Library

    Town of Indian Shores Library

  5. Notifications

    Sign up to receive notifications about organization updates and alerts.

  6. Notary Services

    Notarize Documents

  7. Government Services

    Government Services

  8. Recycle Today

    Pinellas County guide to recycling.

  9. Penny For Pinellas

    Information and projects paid for by the Penny for Pinellas Tax.