Boards & Committees

  1. Ad Hoc Committees

    Browse through all our Ad Hoc Committees agendas and minutes.

  2. Administrative & Finance Committee

    View meeting information and agendas and minutes from the Administrative and Finance Committee meetings.

  3. Arts Council Committee

    The Arts Council Committee will make recommendations on pieces of art and design involving the Town, desire to increase the artistic and cultural experiences available to citizens of the Town, and believes it to be in the public interest to acquire and display works of art and enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the Town.

  4. Board of Adjustment

    Find a list of Board of Adjustment members, agendas, and minutes.

  5. Code Enforcement - Special Magistrate

    Browse through the list of Code Enforcement - Special Magistrate agendas and minutes.

  6. Gulf Blvd. Landscape Beautification Committee

    We have formed a new committee here in Indian Shores dedicated to improving the esthetics of Gulf Blvd.

  7. Planning, Zoning & Building Committee

    Search through a list of Planning, Zoning & Building Committee meeting information, members, and agendas and minutes.

  8. Public Service Committee

    Read through the Public Service Committee agendas and minutes, list of members, and meeting information.

  9. Recreation Committee

    The Committee would be responsible for establishing a Recreation Department for the Town of Indian Shores that will be meaningful and will meet the needs of the residents.

  10. Youth Advisory Committee

    The general purpose is to give student leaders a voice in Pinellas County Municipal Government and to give the Indian Shores Town Council the benefit of student input.