Gulf Boulevard Beautification Projects

Gulf Boulevard Beautification Monument Project

The Town of Indian Shores is seeking submissions from Artists demonstrating their ability to provide a completely realized outdoor memorial monument at the northwest corner of Tiki Gardens, 19601 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores, FL 33785.

At the very heart of the Town's design concept for this project is an iconic Native American figure, indigenous to the area. This is a unique opportunity to leave a meaningful legacy of beauty, education and recognition indentifying the Town while paying homage to the Tocobaga and Timucuan Indians.

As a key component of the Town's Gulf Boulevard Beautification Plan, this project involves the construction of a monument park incorporating elements of art sculpture, as well as historical and environmental education, which is envisioned to function as a distinctive community gathering place.

See Call to Artists link here.

Streetscape Project

Mayor Patrick Soranno hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the Indian Shores' Gulf Boulevard Beautification Streetscape project on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. The project is funded by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Penny for Pinellas beautification funds.

The project was streetscaped by Jonathan Toner from Terra Tectonics Design Group, Inc. The planting contract was awarded by Indian Shores to Ameriscape Services.

The project will take approximately three months to complete and covers the entire 2.6 miles of Indian Shores. The plantings are drought and salt tolerant and designed for the beach and sand environment.

This project is a continuation of focused improvement throughout Indian Shores, which included undergrounding of the utilities, new bus stop decals, streetlight banners, and municipal signs that feature an iconic Native American figure. The project involves more than 25 volunteers that secured over 60 easements from property owners.

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Gulf Boulevard Beautification Meeting Agendas and Minutes (click on link).