Beach Nourishment & Erosion Control/Property Lines

Beach Nourishment StatusCouncilor Bill Smith
Councilor William "Bill" Smith    

Beach renourishment is near the end of its stay in Indian Shores.

The offshore and onshore equipment has been relocated to near 177th Avenue in Redington Shores. They are nourishing to the north, until they reach the Sand Dollar pier at 18550 Gulf Blvd.

The Project is very near completion in Indian Shores.

The Extractor for Beach Renourishment

Shown above is the “Extractor,” the first time this machine is being used for the Sand Key renourishment. The pipe from the offshore unloader is connected directly to this machine. The machine filters the “slurry”—the water carrying the sand coming through the pipe—separating out the shells and other large particles into a dumpster and depositing the sand onto the beach. Note the enormous size of this machine compared to the size of the people standing on the ground in front of it. This machine is a breakthrough that results in the best quality sand we have ever had from a beach renourishment.

As always, plans are subject to change based on weather and equipment events. You’ll find the current Progress Map by going to this link:

For the most current updates and progress of the renourishment project, please visit

Indian Shores Maps (Below)

Please Note: The western-most solid black line is the property line.

Whitehurst - 199th Ave.

Map S17

199th - 198th Ave.

Map S18

197th - 196th Ave.

Map S19

196th - 194th Ave.

Map S20

194th - Park. Blvd. Bridge

Map S21

Park Blvd. Bridge - 186th Ave.

Map S22

186th - 183rd Ave.

Map S23