Beach Nourishment & Erosion Control/Property Lines

Beach Nourishment StatusCouncilor Bill Smith
Councilor William "Bill" Smith    

As some of you may have noticed by the appearance of bulldozers, piping, freighter, etc, the beach renourishment is very active in Indian Rocks Beach. As of July 23, the beach renourishment work area is from 15th Avenue in Indian Rocks Beach northward toward Belleair Shore. The Army Corps of Engineers has relocated the pipe coming on shore to 15th Avenue. When they finish up to Belleair Shore, they will pivot and start working south from 15th Avenue. They expect to reach 7th Avenue in Indian Rocks Beach by about August 20.

The renourishment should reach Indian Shores early in September barring any weather delays.

As the project progresses and new information becomes available, look for future updates on the renourishment project at

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Indian Shores Maps (Below)

Please Note: The western-most solid black line is the property line.

Whitehurst - 199th Ave.

Map S17

199th - 198th Ave.

Map S18

197th - 196th Ave.

Map S19

196th - 194th Ave.

Map S20

194th - Park. Blvd. Bridge

Map S21

Park Blvd. Bridge - 186th Ave.

Map S22

186th - 183rd Ave.

Map S23