Reserve Police Officer Program


Reserve Officers at work

Many of the full-time Police Officers at ISPD, began serving the Police Department as Reserve Police Officers.  In this capacity, a Reserve Police Officer is sworn with full Police powers, and required to meet the same hiring and licensing standards as a regular full-time Officer.  These Reserve Officers serve the community by volunteering hours in various capacities, including Patrol, Investigations, Communications, and Emergency Management.  The ISPD relies on the participation of these valuable volunteers, and they are utilized for events throughout the year.  Reserve Officers can be seen riding with regular Officers in patrol vehicles and directing traffic during parades and marathons.  During the 4th of July, our beaches are exposed to crowds which easily triple the normal population.  The participants in the Reserve Program come from various walks of life, including retired Police Officers / Chiefs, members of the Military, an analyst for the State of Florida, and even an Attorney.  Some of our Reserve Officers are also designated as Part-Time Police Officers, a paid position for certain assignments. If you are fully Certified as a Florida Law Enforcement Officer, and interested in a Reserve Police Officer position, we encourage you to call our Training Division for further details.