Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project

Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project Status:

The ongoing drainage project along Gulf Boulevard in Indian Shores is projected to be completed at the end of July 2021. We have also secured approval for two additional crosswalks with rectangular rapid flashing beacons to be installed at 186th and 199th Avenues approximately.

As part of our overall initiative to increase pedestrian safety on Gulf Boulevard, we have been working with Forward Pinellas, the planning agency for Pinellas County, and all of the County Commissioners with respect to the critical need for sidewalks to enhance and protect our pedestrians walking along Gulf Boulevard. 

In May of 2021 we will again appear before the Forward Pinellas Board of Directors to make our case for moving our sidewalk project up on Pinellas County’s priority list. Further, in June, as part of our efforts to get sidewalks, the Florida Department of Transportation agreed to conduct a PD&E (Project Development and Environment) Study. A PD&E Study is basically a feasibility study to determine the right mix of roadway, bikeway, and sidewalks at a cost of about $500,000. This is a great first step!

Our strategy is twofold: 1) Work with Forward Pinellas and the County Commission to move our project higher up on the priority list, and 2) work with the Florida Department of Transportation on the PD&E Study scheduled for June of 2021.

Pictured below is the proposed, but not yet final, coloring of the existing bike and pedestrian lanes. We are hoping the color distinction between the road and pedestrian/bike lane will help enhance visibility. The prProposed Coloring of Gulf Boulevard bike and pedestrian lanes (PNG)ojected paving of the west side of Gulf Boulevard will begin sometime in January or February 2021.

I believe we have everybody's attention with respect to the critical need of sidewalks here in Indian Shores and the south part of Indian Rocks Beach. Mayor Kennedy of Indian Rocks Beach and I have been working together to reach a solution to bike and pedestrian safety on Gulf Boulevard. 

In the coming months we expect some clarity with respect to timetables for sidewalks.

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February 2020 SR 699 Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project Status

Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project Map

Gulf Boulevard Drainage and Sidewalk Projects Public Meeting

The Florida Department of Transportation presented a Public Information meeting regarding Project 436697-1-52-01 on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 at 5:00 here for our Council and residents. Construction began on October 31 in Indian Rocks Beach. It will be a few months before the project makes its way down to Indian Shores. The project is scheduled to last at least two years.

The drainage project had already been awarded to the contractor when the subject of improved pedestrian safety and sidewalks came up. After meetings between the Town, FDOT and Forward Pinellas, FDOT has agreed to install on-grade sidewalks made of pervious concrete (instead of asphalt) as part of this project. Construction plans for the sidewalks are still in the design phase. Additionally, two crosswalks will be added as part of this project – one at 199th Avenue and one at 186th Avenue.


We will continue to send updates via the Mayor’s Message and post information on our website as it becomes available.

In addition, please feel free to check FDOT’s Project Web Page at:

You can also obtain information directly from FDOT by calling: 727-575-8300. Be sure to reference Project # 436697-1-52-01 when calling.

Pinellas County Transportation Improvement Projects

Forward Pinellas, as the metropolitan planning organization for Pinellas County, adopted a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to ensure that the County is eligible to receive State and Federal funding for transportation projects.

The TIP contains project descriptions, schedules, and corresponding funding allocations regarding transportation improvement projects for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the 25 local governments of Pinellas County, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), local airports, and the Port of St. Petersburg.

The projects include new construction, reconstruction, capital purchases, and maintenance work associated with roads, sidewalks, trails, transit services, airports, and the port, and the Transportation Disadvantaged Program. The TIP also identifies the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s priority projects for State and Federal funding. 

Project Description

Construction work on Gulf Boulevard to relieve flooding of the roadway and pedestrian pathways along three mile segment of State Route 699 (Gulf Boulevard) from Park Boulevard to Walsingham Road. 

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Project Status

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