Alert Pinellas

Alert Pinellas System
Pinellas County Emergency Management

Pinellas County Emergency Management and Pinellas County Marketing & Communications will conduct a test of the Alert Pinellas emergency notification system on Monday, May 6, from noon to 6 p.m.

During the test, those who signed up for Alert Pinellas, the free countywide emergency notification system, will receive the test message according to the options they chose when they registered. Users have the option to receive alerts through a phone call, text or email.

Alert Pinellas does have provider based public phone numbers within the system, and phones not registered with Alert Pinellas may receive the test alert.

Those who receive the test message are urged to listen to the whole brief message so the system will accurately reflect the call results. Any real-event messages always include key information and instructions, so it is important to listen to the entire message.

All citizens are encouraged to sign up for Alert Pinellas at to ensure that they receive timely warnings and notifications and take full advantage of the automated national weather service severe weather alerts that are provided free of charge. Also, some municipalities provide community information notifications.

When signing up for Alert Pinellas, citizens and employees can enter up to five locations to receive geo-targeted notifications, add multiple phone numbers, text message numbers, and email addresses – as well as customize what weather advisories and notifications they want to receive.

This test is part of Pinellas County’s dedication to provide planning, coordination, prevention, and protective services to ensure a safe and secure community.

To learn more about Alert Pinellas, or to sign up for free additional locations, contact methods, and weather warnings, please visit