Community Garden

Community Garden


Mike Hackerson, 
Garden Coordinator

Ph: (703) 795-8469


For those of you who are not familiar with the Indian Shores Community Garden, we have an Earth Box raised garden.  Earth boxes are perfect for gardening in Florida.  The box comes with soil and allows water to accumulate in the bottom of the box. Individuals buy their own box from the town and we assist you in getting the box set up including connecting the irrigation system.  Water is provided by the town so it’s a plant and pick operation. 

 The purpose of the Community Garden has four aspects:

1) To provide a beautiful garden location for Indian Shores Property owners
2) To grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers
3) To learn about growing plants, and
4) To be neighborly

Community Garden Location:  

Second Street East and Whispering Pines just south of Town Hall.

More Information about our Program: 

Purpose and Operations Policy
Community Gardener Agreement
Earth Box Cost